Professional Services

Here at H&H Land and Property we pride ourselves on the wide range of professional services which we are able to offer - it really is your 'one-stop' shop!  Our services include:

  • Property Sales, Purchases and Lettings
    Detailed market appraisal of your property for sale and a dedicated property team to ensure individual attention and to suit your needs.
  • Rural Estate Management
    Land, farm and rural property management services on behalf of private individuals, trusts and institutions.
  • Landlord and Tenant
    Advice on all aspects of the Landlord/Tenant relationship, including farm lettings, agricultural lettings, rent reviews, repairing liability, succession and end of tenancy negotiations.
  • Expert Witnesses
    Undertaking the role of the Expert Witness to advise on specialist, scientific or technical matters to ensure a vital and fundamental contribution towards the fair and proper administration of justice.
  • Valuations
    Commercial property valuations and valuations arranged for acquisition, capital taxation such as probation or CGT, secured lending, partnership arrangements and court proceedings.
  • Planning and Development
    Specialist advice on all aspects of planning and development from application to appeal.  We also negotiate option agreements with housing developers and wind farm operators.
  • Farm and Business Management
    Our land and farm agents will advise on areas as varied as Single Payment Scheme, farm budgets, NVZ's and building design.
  • Compulsory Purchase, Compensation and Third Party Interests
    We negotiate terms for all schemes undertaken on your land and property.
  • Agents for Agricultural Mortgage Corporation
    As AMC agents we can arrange finance for many agricultural and rural business needs.
  • Conservation and Environment
    Advice on all environmental and conservation scheme related matters including renewable energy planning, specialising in Commons and Upland management.
  • Woodland Management and GIS
    Management advice for woodland areas, tree surveys and grant schemes; plus digital mapping to create plans, record new boundaries and act in boundary disputes.
  • Energy Saving and Renewable Energy
    Advise rural businesses how to reduce energy consumption using renewable energy planning to improve your carbon footprint and make renewable energies work best for you.
  • Mines and Minerals
    Specialist advice in compensation, third party interests, encroachment, subsidence, royalty and rent.

More detailed information is available via our left hand menu or alternatively please contact our Carlisle office on 01228 406260 or our Durham office on 0191 370 8530 to discuss your requirements.  We look forward to talking to you.

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