Solar PV

Solar PV is now a common sight on domestic roofs in the UK but the ‘myth’ around solar is that the opportunity for investment has passed. However, with the significant drop in price of solar panels and the stability of the Feed In Tariff, farmers and landowners can still get significant benefits from this low-impact technology, generating ‘green’ electricity and making a very decent return on their investment.

There are three main sectors within solar PV:

  • Field scale solar: this low risk option will involve a lease arrangement with a developer, who will install panels on your land – usually a minimum of 25 acres (5MW of electricity). Our role is to make sure that the lease is the best possible offer for you, not only in terms of rent payments but also management and access, long term increases in income and decommissioning.
  • Roof-mounted solar: still a good choice for a self-funded project. If you have a new building going up or an existing south facing barn roof and a three phase electricity supply, this could be a good investment. Planning is not normally required for a commercial installation of under 50kW but there are exceptions.

For those with an eye to innovation:

  • Robotic Solar tracker: a new and exciting piece of kit which enables the solar panels to track the sun from east to west each day. Tracking increases the output of the panels by around 30% and can offer you a around 14% return on investment. Alternatively, if you have a high electricity demand on-farm, such as a broiler shed or dairy, you can lease an acre to the solar tracker developer and get an annual rent and cheap electricity for 20 years. You could also consider a joint venture option.

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H&H Land and Property has an in-depth understanding of this type of renewable energy and can support you to make the most of your resource.  Our specialist Renewable Energy team will discuss your options and advise on the potential of your site for solar power, through a full project management service which includes:

  • Feasibility Study and Assessment of the Energy Project Viability
  • Technology Appraisal
  • Full Planning Service

Contact: Our Renewables Team on 01228 406260 or via email

Solar Power converts light into an electric current ie electricity
Get the most from the sun with a solar tracker
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